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"Il Ciclone" the best Tuscany movie ever made
Cyclone (1996)

If you want to be a real Florentines you must see “Il Ciclone” of Leonardo Pieraccioni.
This movie is one of the most important for Florence citizen, it is set in a little city Lateriana, near Arezzo and someone set in the centre of Florence.

The story started in summer, Levante Quarini (Leonardo Pieraccioni) is a young accountant of Tuscany who lives his unhappy relationship with women (He is a man and Tuscany version of Bridget Jones). He lives with his father Osvaldo (Sergio Forconi), his brother Libero (Massimo Ceccherini) and his lesbian sister Selvaggia (Barbara Enrichi) on a lonely residence surrounded by corn fields. They are far from the major roads and signs are far and scarce, but that is not a problem since the dirt roads are used usually only by the locals who know them well.
On an apparent everyday evening a sign pointing to a nearby agritourism fell and a bus with a group of flamenco dancers due to town for a recital, get lost. They can't find their way to the agritourism and their lazy manager had forgotten to confirm reservations so their rooms aren't available anymore anyway.
They have no chance but to stop at the Quarini residence to spend the night and the story unfolds from here...
Leonardo Pieraccioni the Protagonist and the Director Movie during a famous frame set in Santa Maria Novella Train Station

If you want to know the Tuscany slang see this movie it’s funny and hilarious, maybe is difficult for a tourist understand all of jokes but not worried for an Italian except Tuscany is difficult understand. Ready to take the challenge?

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