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The Territory
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Tuscany Wine
Florence region

Florence is one of the European heartlands of wine, and the links between the city and its vineyards are as ancient as they are indissoluble.

The wine production and commerce has strongly marked the town economy in the past, and still today many of the most ancient Florentine families are involved in this business. Recently, in the vineyards and in the research labs of Florence province, many ideas that have influenced the modern wine culture were created, contributing to the birth of what actually is the myth of Tuscan wine in the world. Florence is situated in the hearth of Tuscany, a hilly region, with overshadowing cypresses, ancient olive groves and endless vineyards. It is an antique medieval city, known worldwide for its museums and its art galleries, but it is also the start point for exploring all of the wine areas in Tuscany. Tuscany extends from the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea to the Apennines, from the southern part of the Liguria Gulf to the gentle hills of Maremma, but its really pulsating heart is in the very central hills of Chianti, where the famous Chianti Classico and Rufina wines are produced. The core of Tuscany is Sangiovese vine, with its fruity bouquet and the aromatic scents, equilibrated by the acidity and the mature tannin. The main white variety is the Tuscan Trebbiano, which represent a very good neutral base for the mix with the Chardonnay or the Chianti Malvasia. The Moscatello is used for dessert wines, and the Malvasia and Trebbiano also for Vinsanto. The Chianti district is the heart of Tuscan wines, and it is just a few kilometers away from the south of Florence, but other fundamental areas are Montalcino, Montepulciano, Bolgheri and Maremma, all a few hours away. A trip on the Tuscan wine routes rewards the traveler not only with enchanting landscapes along the road, but also with some of the most particular and precious gastronomical experiences of Italy.
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