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Wine Tourism

There is probably no other territory in the world that has such a vocation for food and wine tourism as Tuscany.

Visiting the Tuscan wine-growing estates means to totally experience an ancient culture, which gave rise to castles and villas of rare artistic beauty, with cellars unwinding through the basements with long, vaulted galleries carved directly out of the rock. Wine tourism in Tuscany, therefore, not only enables us to visit some of the “world temples of wine” but also, and above all, to visit premises in villas and castles that until a few decades ago were closed to the public. Many of these are still inhabited by the owners of the estates, who have identified in wine tourism an intelligent way of having a direct relationship with their consumers, and of benefiting from immediate feedback on the current trends in taste at international level. The Tuscan wine-growing region is made up of gently sloping hills cloaked with vines and olive trees, and marked out with cypress trees. It is a landscape constellated with Romanesque churches, austere mediaeval manors with towers and buttresses and magnificent aristocratic residences, symbols of Tuscany’s past economic power. In every corner of Tuscany we can find signs of the great scientists and artists who have left such a strong impression on the history of humanity: Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Machiavelli and Galileo Galilei.
In conclusion, making a wine tour of Tuscany is possibly the best of way of making profound acquaintance with this land so rich in history, art, literature and, naturally, food and wine.
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